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Press Kit

Here you can find more information about the origin of and motivation behind allyphant. We also provide some pictures and logos for you to use if you want to write about us.

The Motivation

In an ideal world, all websites are designed and developed so everyone can use them. Sadly, many websites do not comply with web accessibility guidelines. Therefore, especially people with impairments and disabilities are barred from using them. One of the main problems is that many developers don't know enough about web accessibility. allyphant wants to improve this situation by giving them a tool for learning accessibility in a fun, interactive way.

allyphant teaches developers the basics of web accessibility. Learn step by step by completing short, interactive coding challenges and quizzes.

What does allyphant mean?

The name allyphant is a combination of the numeronym "a11y", which is an abbreviation for "accessibility", and the word "elephant". We chose "elephant" as part of our name because elephants are very smart animals and we like them.

How do I pronounce allyphant?

In the accessibility community, the term "a11y" is often pronounced as "ally" because the number "1" looks similar to the letter "l", depending on the font. Therefore allyphant is pronounced as [ˈɛlifənt].

Corporate Identity

  • allyphant is always written in lowercase letters.

  • The a11yphant color code is #7331FF.

  • The fonts we use are "IBM Plex Sans" and "IBM Plex Mono".


The allyphant logo is a combination mark. Depending on the case, using only the pictorial mark is allowed. The logo can't be altered in any way (strech, rotate, crop, change the opacity or colour, change the font, put something else on top, etc.).

  • Combination mark (dark on light background)

    Allyphant Logo
  • Combination mark (light on dark background)

    Allyphant Logo
  • Pictorial mark

    Allyphant Logo

The Team behind a11yphant

Concept and Development

  • Daniela Kubesch(opens in a new tab) is a frontend developer who is passionate about accessibility and inclusive design. She strongly believes in equality and inclusion. Daniela is co-founder of a11yphant. When she is not coding, she juggles all things of organisational nature.

  • Luca Pircher(opens in a new tab) is a web developer based in Austria who firmly believes the web should be inclusive. At a11yphant, Luca supports the team as the "Technical Project Lead" by ensuring that the project is a joy to work on for the dev team and planning the technical requirements for upcoming challenges.

  • Thomas Dax(opens in a new tab) is a full-stack developer interested in product development and developer experience. As "Head of Text", he has supported the team with copywriting since co-founding a11yphant. Thomas further does a lot of frontend development work and takes care of the development setup.

  • Michael Hinterhofer(opens in a new tab) is a corporate backend developer on weekdays and "Chief of Happiness Officer" for a11yphant on the weekend. Since co-founding a11yphant, he supported the team with his magic in the backend.

Interface and Corporate Design

  • Johanna Wicht(opens in a new tab) is a communication designer based in Salzburg with a strong interest in visualizing data and identities. She received multiple awards, including ADC Talent and CCA Student of the year.

  • Fabian Heller(opens in a new tab) is an interdisciplinary digital designer at the intersection of Graphic Design, Motion Design and Illustration. He received multiple awards for his work in these fields.

Application Screenshots

Allyphant website: An overview of all available challenge topics and their difficulty.
Allyphant website: The textual details about a challenge (how many levels and topic).
Allyphant website: A coding level within a challenge. It consist of an editor, a sidebar with information and a preview window.
Allyphant website: The result of a coding level evaluation, displaying if it was passed or failed.
Allyphant website: A quiz level consisting of a question and 4 possible answers.

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